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3 Types of Soil Used in Landscape Design Barrie

Having a flourishing and thriving landscape in your front and backyard can make all the difference in your house’s appearance. A good landscape with lush green trees, plants, and flowerbeds can increase the curb appeal of your house and make it look more inviting to the guests. Hence, if you haven’t renovated the landscaping Barrie for your house yet, it might be time to look into it. You can always hire a professional landscaping company in the region that can deliver you excellent landscape design and construction.

Landscape Design Barrie

Soil Used in Landscape Design Barrie

One of the critical components of any landscape design is the soil. The type of soil you choose will determine the type of plants you can have in your landscape. It will also determine how much you need to maintain your landscape to have a beautiful landscape. Here are three types of soil and their features to know before adding them to your landscape.

  • Sandy Soil

This type of soil is best if you are planting trees that need more water to grow and flourish. Sandy soil is known to hold more water for a longer time due to large particles. This gives the tree roots easy access to water and more time to absorb the moisture. 

To get the most out of sandy soil in your landscape design Barrie, you must frequently water it. The best way is to use automatic sprinklers for timely watering. Also, you can add composted manure, straws, and yard clippings to improve the health of the sandy soil. 

Plants like trumpet vine, sumac, daisies, Virginia creeper, and evergreen trees like bearberry are a good fit for sandy soil. 

  • Loam Soil

If you are interested in growing vegetables, fruits, and flower beds, you can use loam soil. This type of soil is a mix of sand, clay, and slit. This helps it gain the features of all types of soil, including high water retention, aeration, along with high availability of nutrients. 

For loam soil, you can use any method of watering. However, you must also consider the type of plants you are growing and their water needs. 

The best plants to grow include vegetables such as tomatoes, green beans, carrots, cucumbers, spinach, and more. You can also grow fruits such as blackberries, blueberries, and strawberries. Red or sugar maple, red oak, and Colorado blue spruce are some of the popular trees to grow in loam soil. 

  • Clay soil

Clay soil is made of small particles. The small particles release the water too quickly, making the soil quite moist. Hence, you must not over-water your clay soil. 

You can add compost, yard clippings, or straw to the clay soil to improve its quality. Moreover, you can use a hose or drip line to water clay soil. 

The best trees to grow in clay soil are cypress, maple, elm, oak, and birch.

Landscape Design Barrie

Soil Used in Landscape Design Barrie

Now that you know the types of soil and what type of plants you can grow in it, you can make an informed decision when talking with us at Simcoe Contracting. 

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