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Commercial Snow Removal

Commercial Snow Removal

No matter the season, you want your business to be up and running, especially if you have a storefront. You want your customers to have easy access to your commercial property for entering and exiting. You want them to have a parking space during each season. These services become difficult to provide during harsh winters. Thick piles of snow will gather around your property. Thus, you will need  Barrie services to ensure the pathways to your storefront are clear and accessible. Now, when you contact a commercial snow removal company, you might be offered to develop a snow removal contract. A contract is legally abiding, and hence, you must know what goes into the contract. 

Here’s what you should include in your snow removal contract. 

  • Timing

The most important thing to include in your snow removal contract is the timing. Depending on the region and timing of snow, you must have snow removal services at your disposal. Apart from fixed 3-4 months of snow removal service timing, the contract must include services after snowstorms, which are usually unpredictable. 

  • Service scope

When it comes to Barrie commercial snow removal service, you must include the service scope. For example, some contractors provide snow removal services per occurrence. This means that you need to pay the contractor every time they plow snow from your property. Whereas a seasonal contract means the contractor will plow snow for the whole season and you will pay them monthly. 

  • Equipment

If you have a large commercial property, consistent snow removal services are crucial. This means keeping the equipment required on your property. This is also known as “at-the-ready” equipment. If you choose this facility, make sure it is included in the contract. This must also include the “ready fee” which needs to be paid to keep the equipment ready to use. 

  • Going above and beyond basic snow removal

    Commercial Snow Removal

    Commercial Snow Removal

Nature is unpredictable and there will be times when you will have high snowfall unexpectedly. You might have a thicker pile of snow, which must be removed. For these above and beyond basic snow removal situations, your contract must include hourly rates for services.You might also need extra equipment for these situations. Make sure to include it in the contract. 

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