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Install These 4 Types of Outdoor Lighting in Your Landscaping Design

Do you want to increase the aesthetic appeal of your landscape? If so, you might want to add outdoor lighting to the landscape design.

landscaping company Muskoka

Landscaping Company Muskoka

Outdoor lighting can help you light up different parts of your landscape and add an element of mystique. You can enhance the safety of the landscape and your surroundings with the right outdoor lighting. Moreover, outdoor lighting helps you highlight the main features of your landscaping Muskoka such as a fountain, ponds, perfectly cut shrub features, and more. So, if you still haven’t installed outdoor lighting, you must invest in it now. There are different types of outdoor lighting to choose from.

  • Path lights

Highlight the walkways, driveways, and garden paths with path lights. These lights can help you add safety and motivate you to explore the landscape easily. There are myriad path light designs available in the market. Choose the one that fits your aesthetics.

  • Spotlights

When it comes to highlighting the different features of your landscape, spotlights are your best friend. These lights can be comfortably stationed at the feature you want to highlight. It can be moved to determine how much light focus you want on the features. Whether it is a fountain, a stunning sculpture, an impressive tree, or a garden gnome, you can highlight these features using spotlights.

  • Deck lights

If you are hiring a landscaping company Muskoka to install a deck, make sure to ask them to install deck lights. Your outdoor living space will become more attractive with deck lights. Install these lights on the railings, steps, and even on the floor to create a soft lighting look. Deck lights can enhance your late-night conversations with your family and friends.

  • Decorative lights

    retaining walls Muskoka

    Retaining Walls Muskoka

If you are planning on creating an outdoor dining experience in your backyard, especially during the summer, you can use decorative lights. The most common types of decorative lights to use in backyard landscaping are fairy lights. You can also use lanterns to light up your backyard to create a cozy and soft feel. So, there you have it! These 4 types of outdoor lighting can be used in your landscaping design. If you want to install these lights, you can get in touch with us at Simcoe Contracting.

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