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March 30, 2017
Tackling a landscape design or retaining wall construction on your own can be overwhelming. It is no debate that it is a lot of work, so let Simcoe Contracting do the landscaping design and retaining wall construction for you. As a landscape company in Barrie we know what it takes to do the job right. We’ll start by making a list of your needs and wants. Any landscaping design or retaining wall project has a tangible goal. Perhaps an entertaining area or play area for the kids, or maximizing your properties usual space.
We know Barrie and the surrounding area and we will recommend that your design take into account what the sun and wind do at different times of the day and year. As as an experienced Barrie landscaping company, we know what works best and can help you make the best decisions for you.
There are many good design techniques such as working around a focal point. Many good landscape designs have a focal point or series of focal points, this is one of the easy principles that we will share with you as your experienced Barrie landscaping company. Maybe be a favourite tree, or a stunning plant, or a series of shrubs; we have many great ideas for your landscaping project. The idea is to draw your eye and move it through your landscaping creation. Another idea is to focus on scale and pacing. This gives your yard a coordinated look. We can use variations in colour, size and shape with tall plants behind a flowerbed or against a building, with paths that lead through the space. We can repeat some elements so there’s a sense of cohesion, but at the same time we may add the occasional element that’s different so as not to be monotonous. It is these subtleties of design that you can only get from Simcoe Contracting; your experienced Barrie landscape company
We can also help you to save money when buying everything needed for your Barrie landscaping or retaining wall project. You only pay for the for the sand, soil, rocks, mulch, and other loose landscaping materials that you need. We are experts at calculating how much you need. Also with some items, there’s little difference in quality between top-of-the-line and economy so why pay more. As an experienced Barrie landscaping company and retaining wall contractor, we know how to get the best value. Take advantage of our experience for all these materials as well as annuals and perennials, pavers, and containers.
Retaining walls are not just for holding back soil. We create beautiful outdoor living spaces that work with your lifestyle. Using beautiful materials and experienced design, we build retaining walls that add an additional level or beauty to your yard. Simcoe Contracting is your creative retaining wall contractor in Barrie and area. Size does matter with retaining walls and larger walls above four feet may need us to involve an engineer and meet local building codes. We help with all these details for you. And there are lots of design choices that we will help you with in building your retaining walls also. We work with manufactured and natural stones, in all shapes and sizes and incorporating numerous design options. We will also plan for proper drainage. This is an important feature where needed, since you don’t want to dig out the pipe later to unclog it or have water building up or going where you don’t want it. Planning with great advice and help with all your choices, professional build quality and timeliness, and a beautiful finished project done right — that is what you get with Simcoe Contracting. We are your best choice for a Barrie landscaping company and retaining wall contractor Barrie.