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Use Salt-Free Snow Removal Products for Residential Snow Removal in Barrie

Harsh winters are coming in fast. You will have a lot of snowfall in the upcoming weeks. And while you might have fun playing in the snow, it can also cause several problems for your house. From affecting the foundation and structural integrity of your house to affecting the health of your loved ones, snow can wreak havoc. Hence, calling for professional snow removal contractors Barrie can be highly beneficial.

residential snow removal

Residential Snow Removal Barrie

Most homeowners also use salt-based products to melt the snow before they call snow removal services to save money and time. While it can be wise to get rid of some of the snow before professionals arrive, there are some detrimental drawbacks to using salt-based snow-melting products.

Drawbacks of using salt-based snow-melting products

  • Corrosion

Salt is known to cause corrosion of several metals and materials. For example, it can corrode the driveway, pathways, and vehicles. This corrosion can cause rapid wear and tear thus reducing the life of these structures.

  • Impact on the local environment

Your local environment, especially the soil, has a set composition. This standard composition maintains balance in the soil and promotes better growth. However, using salt-based snow-melting products causes the salt to seep into the soil. This causes an imbalance in the soil composition affecting the growth of local vegetation.

  • Health concerns for pets

If you have pets, using salt-based snow melting products for residential snow removal Barrie can cause health problems to your pets. The salt can stick to their paws causing cracks and irritation. And if they ingest the salt, it can cause health complications.

snow removal contractors Barrie

Snow Removal Contractors Barrie

To avoid these drawbacks, you shouldn’t use salt-based snow-melting products. So, what’s the alternative? Well, the best way is to call snow removal professionals who use eco-friendly options to help get rid of snow from your house.

Benefits of using salt-free snow removal products

  • Salt-free snow removal products used by professionals are toxin-free. This makes it safe to use around children and pets.
  • Salt-free snow removal products used by professionals work under extreme cold temperatures too. This makes them ideal for harsh Canadian winters.
  • Salt-free snow removal products reduce the chances of corrosion. This protects your house driveway, pathways, and vehicles.
  • And lastly, salt-free snow removal products are eco-friendly. These don’t affect the soil composition and prevent vegetation from damage.

So, there you have it! The best way to get snow removed from your property is by using salt-free snow removal products and calling Barrie residential snow removal professionals for effective snow removal.

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