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How to Develop a Biodiverse Landscape in Your Backyard?

Have you been thinking of transforming your landscaping Barrie to make it biodiverse and wildlife-friendly? If so, you are making a major contribution to the local environment. Making your landscape biodiverse is not just about aesthetic appeal but is about making your local environment thrive and flourish. Imagine waking up to a group of cheerfully chirping birds or seeing squirrels foraging for food on plants and trees in your backyard. It is not a scene from a movie but a reality for several homeowners who have invested in creating a haven for local flora and fauna.

 landscaping Barrie

Landscaping Barrie

However, you must understand each element of a biodiverse landscape before investing in it. Here’s what you should know.

Learn about local wildlife animals

Before you begin to create a biodiverse landscape in your backyard, you need to learn about your local wildlife. You need to learn about the different types of birds, small mammals, bees, and butterflies in the local environment. Based on the local wildlife, you can choose the required plants.

Next, learn about the different plants to support local wildlife

The different plants in your landscape will attract different types of wildlife animals. For example, if you want to call in birds, you must have plants that provide berry life fruits. If you want to attract birds like hummingbirds, you need to plant tubular-like, nectar-giving flowers. For butterflies, you need to plant open, flat and nectar giving flowering plants. In addition to food, plants also provide shelter for the local wildlife. For example, dense bushes are home to small mammals and birds. So, when you are talking to any landscaping company Barrie, ask them to suggest the right plants for your biodiverse landscape.

Create habitats in your landscape

It is not just about providing food, shelter, and water. It is about creating habitats for the local wildlife.

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Retaining Walls Barrie

You can include elements like birdhouses, bee hotels, bat boxes, and more. Adjust birdhouses at different heights to call in different types of birds. Bee hotels mimic natural habitats for bees to thrive. Don’t forget to add water elements such as Sakura or pond, and more. Adding these elements helps you create habitats for your local wildlife along with an aesthetic landscape. If you want to know more about developing and maintaining a biodiverse landscape in your backyard, get in touch with us at Simcoe Contracting.

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